Note: the pet must have an active Wellness Plan to proceed with this workflow.

Assigning a task to a pet parent

  • Select New task from the Tasks dashboard

  • Select Boop/Pet Parent

  • Insert a task Name, Type, Repeat, Due date and time

  • Add Internal notes (not shared with the pet parent)

  • Add Instructions for the pet parent

  • Select Add

Where to utilize pet parent tasks in Rhapsody

From the patient details page

  • Select Add > Task

From a SOAP

  • Select Add > Task

Built into Bundles

  • Select Add task

Filter to Boop/Pet Parent Tasks

Select Boop Tasks in the Tasks dashboard

Pet parent view of tasks in Boop

  • Select To do icon

    Select Upcoming to view upcoming tasks


  • Select Calendar to view tasks by calendar day


  • Select All to view all tasks

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